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Warmly celebrate the "2011 China (Xuzhou) Internet Industry Summit" held victory

Release date:2013-5-8 13:28:39  Sources:Xuzhou Dajin Mining Technology

By the Xuzhou Municipal People's Government, China University of Mining Copper Mountain in Xuzhou City People's Government jointly organized the "2011 China (Xuzhou) Things Industry Summit" on October 29 held in our area. Shandong University of Chinese Academy of Country Song Zhenqi professor, State Coal Mine Safety Bureau deputy director Wang Shuhe, State-Owned Enterprises chairman Xie thinking, the Chinese vice president Ji Mingbo Safety, Jiangsu Province CPPCC Chairman Jian-Min Zhou, city leaders Zhang Jinghua, as well as some colleges and universities paragraph experts attended the meeting. 
The meeting highlighted the networking industry breakthrough in Xuzhou. On meeting, Wang Shuhe delivered an important speech, call for more research institutes and enterprises to join the research and development of mine for coal mine safety work and make greater contributions. 
Zhang Jinghua make a speech on the meeting, the current mine in Xuzhou Engineering, Jiangsu Province has been listed as one of ten projects of technological innovation, tax incentives and other aspects of networking companies  actively support the development in Xuzhou.
I was invited to attend the summit. Meeting, invited by my company Shandong University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Song Zhenqi make a speech, stressed the importance of the Internet and mobile technology, there is the necessity of the networking industry, and is determined to lead the company to keep up with the pace of development of information technology . Summit, a number of projects focused on signing things. It was a successful meeting.