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  • Mining Machinery
  • Mining Concrete Pump

    Mining Concrete Pump is explosion isolation and full hydraulic-type, driven by motor, with coal security sign, it is suitable for high voltage in the coal mine well and long distance conveying explosion-proof pump, suitable for pumping concrete, mortar, paste materia...

  • HBMG-40-12-90S
  • HBMG-30/9-45S
  • Mining wet spraying

      Low dust, low rebound, high-strength of concrete layer, energy-efficient, denoise, saving material and protecting environment.
      simple positioning and rapid movement; stable operation and reliable positioning, expanding the concrete placing area, the sprayer adopts motor drive, 360° slewing, non-blind area....

  • Rotor wet spraying
  • Wet Concrete Sprayer
  • Cradle

    At present, lap joint equipment mainly use lap joint type cradle in the mine shaft hoisting. After years of unremitting efforts, we research vertical shaft lifting damping swing-deck with self-driven changing floor. Solving the above-mentioned problems completely, realizing the car in and out of wellhead and shaft bottom at the same time, it need not joint for second time, improving the lifting efficiency...

  • Belt conveyor hydraulic circle belt device

    It has been widely applied in the coal mine, cement, chemical, steel, port and power, and many other fields.

  • Belt conveyor automatic hydraulic tension device

    带fast response to belt tension change, effectively eliminating tension peak of belt starting, reducing degree of damage of belt, prolong the service life of adhesive belt, avoidding belt break accidents.

  • Feeder

    It is composed by rack floor, drive platform, hopper gate and so on. It may used on coal or other loose granularity material.

  • Conveying feeder
  • Reciprocating feeder