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Analysis of Influencing Factors of 2013 China Coal Industry

Release date:2013-5-8 13:29:16  Sources:Xuzhou Dajin Mining Technology

At present the development of China's coal industry, mainly in eight aspects of constraints:
(1) Coal mining conditions is extremely complex, mining more difficult.Extremely complex geological conditions, mine stress high gradient large, high gas content, coal and gas outburst serious structural geology little more difficult to detect.The average mining depth 600 m, and the annual rate of 8 ~ 12 m increments (eastern region of 10 ~ 20 m).South, East steep seam mining area, thin seam mining extremely difficult.
(2) The lack of coal industry with an important position in the national economy to adapt to the policy environment.Mine Guantingbingzhuan, eliminate backward production capacity imperfect matching funds policy.Non-full-cost accounting method, seriously affecting the ability of self-development of coal mining enterprises and mines disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities.For resource poor conditions, poor operating environment mine, still no policy conditions, and face security, resources and environmental pressures for production.
(3) the coal industry as a deep underground industry has its specific hazards, worker safety and health protection of investment is not enough.90% of China's coal resources is only suitable for underground mining, gas outburst, water damage, heat damage, burst and other issues have become increasingly prominent.The blind pursuit of yield disorderly development mode reduces the national and enterprise safety investment efforts.A variety of major and special major safety accidents, miners serious casualties; pneumoconiosis and other occupational morbidity remains high, treatment and follow-up sick miners recuperation difficult to protect.
(4) management system and mechanism uncoordinated incomplete.Frequent changes caused by regulatory agencies coal industry development strategy and industrial policy lacks foresight and long-term stability.Existing decentralized management model led to a lack of effective management of inter coordination mechanism, and those policies cause confusion in industry management and inefficient.Weakening national longitudinal management system management functions, contributing to local protectionism, is not conducive to the relevant national coal resources management and development.
(5) coal mining enterprises in the market environment of fair competition between the lack of supervision.Subject to resource grade, location and geological conditions, different production capacity, production equipment, and production safety, environmental impact conditions, production cost control policy to benefit the extent there are significant differences, eventually leading to different enterprises serious lack of fair competition environment, the absence of regulatory mechanisms coal market.
(6) lack of talent, low education level of workers, front-line workers are poorly treated.Industry-wide professional management and technical personnel ratio is significantly lower; 2009, mining class professional and technical personnel accounting for only 27% of total staff.Coal industry average level of education is less than 9 a.No sound Labor and wage negotiation mechanism, treatment of workers is low.2010, large-scale coal enterprise workers an average wage of 45,200 yuan, only the oil and electricity companies 2/3.
(7) does not fully reflect the price of coal mining costs, negative externalities prominent.Existing coal production cost accounting system is flawed, the cost of coal mining technology research and development system, high efficient equipment and ecological restoration means additional costs are included inadequate.Coal price formation mechanism based on the inherent flaws, China's coal prices have not fully market-oriented, the price is far lower than other energy products.Lack of benign and long-term cost compensation mechanism, the use of the full cost of coal enterprises guidance Coal mining is difficult to significantly increase the enthusiasm.
(8) mining technology and equipment not fully adapt to the complex conditions of resource development.Complex geological conditions of coal, high requirements for technical equipment; different area, different even in the same pit mine different working noodles: coal mining new ideas --- scientific exploration and scientific capacity is not the same piece of technical equipment to adapt to different requirements.Coal safe, efficient, green technology and equipment development requires high degree of intelligence; lot of critical issues still need to study science and technology base.Thin coal, hard coal layer complex technology and equipment development and technical reserves is not enough.
Therefore, the coal production must adhere to the scientific concept of development, we must change the "Depends on Demands" of the industry development model for scientific exploration, improve coal production capaci

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