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Looking back the coal industry in 2011

Release date:2013-5-8 13:29:56  Sources:Xuzhou Dajin Mining Technology

2011, coincides with the "twelfth five-year" the start of the implementation, local economic develop enthusiasticly, with the second half of 2010 led to mandatory energy conservation forced to suspend some of the projects, these projects have been started in 2011, the national economy maintained a rapid growth.Against this background, in 2011, the domestic coal market supply and demand booming, the overall coal prices continue to rise.
As coal supply in the region is facing structural problems have become increasingly prominent, coal imports fell sharply in the early year after the sustained and rapid rebound and continue to hit a new high, at the same time, in order to solve the structural problems of the coal supply by the central government-led coal contingency reserve pilot was officially launched in 2011.In 2011, coal power struggle is intensifying, the government intervention in the coal market is also increasing efforts, which to some extent determines the implementation of the coal resource tax will be blocked.I come from a review of several major aspects of the coal industry in 2011.
The overall supply and demand booming coal prices continue to rise
2011 is the "second five" first year, the development of all enthusiasm, fixed asset investment continued to grow rapidly, affected mainly the rapid growth of high energy-consuming products production, coal demand continues to maintain strong momentum.Although in October after some high energy-consuming products output growth is slowing down, but the majority of high-energy-consuming products 1-11 month cumulative production year on year growth of over 10 percent.
As coal continued strong demand, in 2011, China's coal production continued to maintain a rapid growth momentum.National Bureau of Statistics released the 2010 national coal production was 32.4 million tons, is expected in 2011 National Bureau of Statistics caliber or national raw coal production will reach 3.55 billion tons, an increase of about 300 million tons, an increase of 9% or more.
Although coal production has maintained a rapid growth momentum, but by the demand impact of coal price in 2011 once again on a higher level.It is estimated that in 2011, Qinhuangdao Port coal 5500 kcal average minimum exit price of 814 yuan / ton, compared with 2010, up more than 70 yuan per ton, or nearly 10%.Compared with coal, coking coal, PCI coal and anthracite lump prices rose even higher, compared with 2010, in 2011, the majority of these coal prices rose an average of more than 20%.
Coal imports low after the high overall continues to increase
As coal continued strong demand, while domestic coal production should focus on areas to the northwest, central and eastern parts of the coal supply tight structural persistence.West-east coal in the country, North coal south rail transport bottlenecks short term is difficult to fundamentally improve the situation, part of the eastern and southeastern coastal areas of the target coal enterprises can only be transferred to another international market, in 2011, China's total coal imports to continue increases.1-11 months, China's coal imports reached 161.04 million tons, an increase of 9.4%, annual coal imports are expected to be close to 180 million tons, an increase of 9% or more.
From the monthly trend, in 2011, China's coal imports were low after the high, down then up trend.Since December 2010 began, domestic coal prices quickly narrow spreads into January 2011, the domestic and international coal rapid formation of inversion of the trend, the price advantage of imported coal gradually disappear.In the second half, the domestic coal prices within a narrow range, while the international price of coal but the performance is relatively weak, China's coal imports continued to rebound shock ,7-October, China's coal imports up monthly increase in more than 25%, of which 11 year on year increase of up to 60.3%.
Contingency reserve base to start a pilot in the dispute
By the end of February 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission in Beijing held a national work conference contingency reserve of coal, the deployment of the first batch of national coal reserves work plan.The NDRC issued a "issued in 2011 on the first batch of national coal contingency reserve plan," which arranged in 2011 the first batch of national contingency reserve plan 5 million tons of coal, and asked at the end of the formation of physical reserves.The end of May "national contingency reserve of coal Interim Measures," the official release, marking the coal reserves discussed for many years has finally entered the implementation stage.
In recent years, with the continued rapid growth in coal demand, coal prices soaring, coupled with the distribution and consumption of coal resources in the geographical imbalance, rail capac

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