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The new "spring" of Chinese coal mining machinery industry

Release date:2013-5-8 13:30:42  Sources:Xuzhou Dajin Mining Technology

Coal is one of the most important energy stage.2010, China's coal production up to 3.24 billion tons.Coal mining machinery industry is the direct provision of technical equipment for the coal mining industry, China's sustained and rapid economic growth in the rapidly expanding demand for coal, but also drives the need forcoal mining machinery strong demand.
Investment Advisor Industry Research Center released the "China National Coal Machinery Industry Research Report 2011" Data show that China's total coal machine manufacturing industry ranked first in the world; 2009, coal industry, 122 complete production 2.583 million tons, compared with 2008 on-year growth of 21.7%; realized an industrial output value of 69.317 billion yuan, an increase of 19.54% over 2008.Therefore, China's coal mining industry to flourish, and promote China and the world as a coal mining services, mining machinery industry usher in a new "spring."Mining machinery industry is a traditional industry in the country has been for decades in the development and production experience.However, recent work on large-scale mechanized mining of coal mine machinery of a higher technical requirements, and major equipment industry is still the weak link in our industry.Although a large number of enterprises, universities and research institutions have been carried out on a large number of coal miing areas of research and development, and mining machinery in a variety of areas around the structure, materials, preparation techniques presented a large number of patent applications, but patents application rate is relatively low.This is "Coal Mine Machinery Industry patent analysis" part of the report findings, on the mining machinery industry trend of patent applications, principal applicant, the patent into the implementation of other aspects of the analysis.
After the re-emergence of the global recession concern the Chinese market
Coal Mine Machinery's annual patent applications from the early 70s of last century began to show continued rapid growth trend to last peaked in the early 1980s, after which, although fluctuations, but the overall decreases significantly; into the mid-90s of last century dropped to the lowest point and remains at low, mining machinery since 2005 the volume of applications each branch began to clear upward trend.
In the coal mining areas, from 1971 to 2009 worldwide disclosure relates to coal mining machinery totaled 1.8462 ten thousand patent applications, which involves mining machinery, hydraulic support equipment, underground transportation equipment,boring machine mechanical, safety equipment of patent applications respectively, 4975, 6336, 2661, 2723 and 1958.The last century, 70-80 years, with Russia and Germany, as the representative of the heavy industry contributed most of the major powers apply, this period is also popular in other countries mining mechanization period; the last century, 80 to 90 years, with Russia German patent application decline, the total global volume of patent applications is also reduced; Meanwhile, the major developed countries have completed coal mining mechanization of coal mining machinery demand declined slightly.Among them, the Russian patent applications in the 1990s has been maintained at a relatively low level; since 2000, with China, Russia and other countries representd a substantial increase in patent applications, and also led the global volume of patent applications increases.In addition, in the last century in the late 1990s, although mining machinery patent applications fell more obvious, but the relative decline in the number of applicants is limited.During the same period, mainly coal mining machinery enterprises overseas mergers between large-scale reorganization has not yet commenced, and thus in the same period the number of applicants has no greater decline.After 2000, coal mining machinery enterprises have merger, reorganization, a large number of applicants were merged; however, a large number of the same period from China, Russia and other countries of the applicant, and thus the number of applicants that period still continues to grow.Visible, both from the number of patent applications or the applicants are able to reflect on recent years, the rise of China mining machinery industry, and promote the recovery of the global coal industry.
Chinese invention patent patent applications increased significantly smaller proportion
As of December 31, 2010, Chinese patent application involving the application of coal mining machinery totaled 6,813, of which 1,779 applications for invention patents, utility model patent application 5034.Beginning in 2006 the rapid increase in patent applications in 2010, already more than 400.However, mining machinery, the technical branch of the proportion of utility model patent applications are very large, generally an invention patent application 2-3 times.