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The new "spring" of Chinese coal mining machinery industry

Release date:2013-5-8 13:31:39  Sources:Xuzhou Dajin Mining Technology

From the early introduction of mechanized mining technology and equipment 43 sets so far, China's coal industry applications mechanized mining technology for more than 30 years of history.Currently, China's coal industry, the total investment in fixed assets, 70% are used in equipment investment, and boring machines, shearers, armored-face conveyors and hydraulicbracket accounted for 50% of investment in equipment (including boring machines 7% Shearer 7%, 5% of scraper conveyor, hydraulic support 31%).Through the "Patent Cooperation Treaty" (PCT) ways to enter the Chinese invention patent applications are mainly involved in mining machinery, excavation machinery, hydraulic support, scraper conveyors, belt conveyors field slightly, but with utility models and patent applications compared to the amount still minimal.Chinese applicant's patent applications annually before 2003 can only be maintained in a twenty, from 2003 to 2005 has increased, but still exceeded one hundred, in 2006 began the rapid increase in patent applications in 2010, the has more than 400. According to statistics, China's Chinese invention patent application the applicant a total of 1442, 81% of total applications. Foreign applicant's invention patent applications in China totaled 337, of which Germany, the United States, Austria, Sweden and other countries, the main applicant.As in recent years, a large amount of patent applications, invention patent applications in China nearly half of the applications in the review process; patent applications in the concluded cases, depending on the withdrawal and dismissal ratio reached 40%, showing that the patent application technical content and level of innovation there is still much room for improvement.On the Chinese coal mining machinery market conditions, the imported products accounted for only 3% to 5% of the market, the ratio is relatively small.In the domestic coal mining machinery, hydraulic support strong technical strength, height and work in supporting the resistance, etc. already in the world, is gradually moving towards the international market; boring machine developed rapidly, has produced a powerful whole-rock and semi-rock boring machine, a higher degree of market acceptance.At present, China mainly imported coal shearer machine equipment, domestic shearer reliability, service life and safety monitoring and other aspects there is a large gap between the need to increase investment in technology, the future is still a large space for import substitution.
Coal producing country in the world, China ranked first, its coal production accounts for nearly 50 percent of the global, but other markets can not be ignored, and Chinese companies can play to their technical advantages, and actively explore foreign coal machinery market.
Australia's abundant coal resources, has proven reserves of 76.2 billion tons, accounting for 9.2% of the world, ranking fourth in the world, production ranked third in the world, ranking first in the world exports. Approximately 75% of Australia's electricity comes from coal, coal in energy consumption structure, accounting for about 40%. Exploitation of coal resources advantage makes its associated mining machinery with greater demand, mainly coal machine manufacturing companies are valued at the Australian patent applications. It is understood that China Shenhua, China Coal, Yanzhou Coal Mining, coal and other companies are in Northern Australia has different sizes of coal resources and mining rights. Visible, Chinese coal mine machinery products in the Australian market prospect is broad. Chinese applicants should focus on U.S., Germany, Austria and other patent status in Australia, the Australian patent application as an important country.In addition, hydraulic bracket field Shandong Yanzhou Mining Grop signed a contract for sale to the German DBT mining using a patented technology --- "two pillar top coal caving hydraulic support" technology, this is the first time China's coal industry to foreign Output mining technology. Visible, China's hydraulic support in the international competition also has a certain competitiveness. As coal-producing countries, South Africa ranked seventh in the world, but as a coal exporter, its behind Australia, ranked second in the world. To encourage investment in the South African mining industry, as formulated a series of preferential policies to attract foreign investment.Therefore, South Africa is also a great use of coal country, the world's leading manufacturer of coal is an important market. Currently, Canada's coal production in the world rankings is not forward, but the coal mining industry in its economy plays an important role. Like with Australia, Canada, but had affected the lack of coal coal production equipment. For the Indian market, for example in the field f hydraulic support. Patents in the field of patent applications i

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