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Mining machinery industry will present new features

Release date:2013-5-8 13:32:49  Sources:Xuzhou Dajin Mining Technology

Future construction mining machinery industry will be two main strategic groups: provide a full range of products and services generalist companies and breakdown products or markets experts enterprises. At present, the domestic leading enterprises and multinational companies is still relatively small compared to the strength, while those who focus on some of the products on the market form the core competitiveness, and gross profit oriented experts enterprises are more likely to survive in the fierce competition down. In the construction machinery industry in the new competitive landscape, a considerable number of domestic production and multinational enterprises will become a part of the market system, while a small number of products and services with the core competitiveness of enterprises will have to compete with multinational companies may be leader. Accelerate the pace of foreign mergers and acquisitions industry downturn. With the implementation of the national macro-control policies, the state invesnt in fixed assets, especially land resource constraints and tightening of bank credit policies, making the customer's ability to pay down, while the producers appeared sluggish sales and product backlog, coupled with increase in accounts receivable and an increase in the proportion of bad debts, making some enterprises are facing the risk of funding strand breaks. Construction machinery industry, manufacturers are experiencing after a blowout, have expanded production capacity at this time but suffered a sharp drop in demand, resulting in the majority of companies in trouble, which is always coveted Chinese construction machinery industry multinational expansion provides an excellent opportunity to . Because, when an industry is in the bottom of the industry business cycle, the acquisition cost will be lower, thus more conducive to foreign capital advantage by virtue of its acquisition of domestic enterprises and integration. In recent years, domestic sales and exports loader has been growing at a rapid pace, but the production of corporate earnings situation is not optimistic. As businesses large number of blind expansion of production capacity but failed to obtain a dominant position, thus creating a kind of low value-added production chain in the cut-throat competition on the market structure. Domestic enterprises are still in the mire of tough price war when walking, there are signs that they have increased foreign investment in China's investment, the world's largest construction machinery manufacturer Caterpillar Inc. has claimed that the United States planned projects in China machinery market investing $ 10 billion. The face of such a powerful offensive foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises are facing an embarrassing situation. Policy support is relatively weak In developing countries, the "Eleventh Five-Year" plan for promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, content, stressed the need to improve the localization of major technical equipment level, the state will be mainly in efficient and clean power generation and transmission, a large petrochemical industry, advanced and applicable transport equipment , high-end CNC machine tools, automation and control, power plant equipment and advanced integrated circuits and other fields to strengthen policy support. It can be inferred that the future construction machinery localization can obtain policy support will be relatively weak, domestic enterprises need to rely more on its own strength to compete with multinational companies. Multinational companies in product innovation, quality and reliability as well as after-sales service has certain advantages, gradually expand its industrial layout will deepen competition in the industry, marketing and sales will be further concentrated to large enterprises, the industry will show a strong get stronger weak weaker trend. According to industry experts predict that, taking into account China's water conservancy, railway, highway, power plants, coal, real estate and the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and other construction needs, China's "Eleventh Five-Year" period average annual construction machinery purchases at 900 billion yuan, mainly concentrated in the excavator, concrete machinery, loaders, forklifts and other products. It seems from the current industry status quo, excavator control most of the market has been monopolized by foreign companies, while the loader market although there are domestic brands of the world, but with foreign capital continue to enter, is also facing a severe test. In contrast, concrete machinery market demand is growing faster, and the degree of involvement of foreign capital and lower sub-sectors. Early introduction of the ban urban areas using on-site mixing of concrete policy makes the market for concrete pumps, pump, concrete trucks and concrete mixing stations

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