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WU Yu Lu: how to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future of coal enterprises

Release date:2013-5-8 13:33:42  Sources:Xuzhou Dajin Mining Technology

At 16:00 on March 12, 2013, National People's Congress party secretary of Henan Yima Coal Group, Chairman Wu Lu guest network I interviewed two sessions.
Moderator: coal market is experiencing a golden decade later, from 2012, is also declining, including the price decline, do you think the future will be how to meet the coal enterprises new opportunities and challenges.
WU Yu Lu: Coal-called "golden years" is actually wrong. Over the years the rapid development of the national economy, it also brings the coal so-called "golden years" of the development cycle. But with the rapid changes in the world economy, mainly the U.S. debt, subprime, Europe debt coupled with China's own economic development cycle, combined cycle coal industry itself, thus resulting in a so-called current situation of coal rapid decline in the price fell, the coal industry is facing the so-called "turning point" and even the development dilemma situation.In this case, the center of the coal industry will certainly be adjusted. So, with the further adjustment of the national economy and its own development needs, according to the current development situation estimated that by 2020 China's coal is not a glut, but inadequate. We want a good look at the world economy, China's economy, the macroeconomic impact on coal. Do not blindly simply coal "inflection point" to, simply, our excess capacity.